Story Behind Elephant Safaris

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

On my recent trip to Assam, the first stop was Kaziranga National Park. It is renowned for its inhabitants, the one-horned rhinos. Apart from that rhinos, the national p[ark is known as the largest breeding space of elephants, wild water buffaloes and Swamp deer. It is also the home of many different species of flora and fauna.

As a tourist, the elephant safaris are highly recommended by the localities as they say it is the best way to explore the forests and its diverse residents at a leisurely pace. Being an animal lover seeing these sensitive, mighty, intelligent and enchanted creatures being tied down in chains and being forced to carry tourists on their backs just for their entertainment was heart breaking and is an image I will never forget.

They put these elephants through a lot of physical and psychological abuse. At early age, the baby elephants are given forceful trainings, ignoring their injuries. These trainers exploit elephants like slaves. They hit them with metal rods or sticks. More over they pierce hole behind the ear of the elephant and stick the rod in these holes to give directions to the elephants. And that, right there shows the extreme human violence and animal brutality.

Like this there are thousands and thousands of case of animal abuse around the world. What we can do at the very least is avoid going on such safaris or any events that victimises animals. By paying for the tickets, you’re telling the workers that you approve of their methods and are promoting it. Additionally you can report if you witness animal abuse and spread awareness. Most of the people see animals as “less valuable” than humans. We have already stolen so much from the wildlife just for our greeds, the least we can do is not add on to their sufferings. Animals are loving creatures who deserve our respect and protection just like any other human being.

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